What I Am Saying…


I am the Democrat candidate for State Assembly in this 50th District. I have spent the last 9 months talking to voters and the last 3 months going door-to-door in all of the communities of our rural district. My wife Donna and I, along with a great group of volunteers, have knocked on over 6000 doors so far. More volunteers will be joining in as the weeks countdown to Election Day, Nov. 4. I think it’s important we get back to the days where we talk to each other as neighbors instead of being divided by political parties or hide behind glossy media.


Given how large our district is, I might not get to your door to chat, so I want to introduce myself. I recently retired after 35 years as a Pastor. My last 10 years were in a Loganville church. I saw firsthand how difficult it was for middle class folk to make ends meet, raise a family, and live on a fixed income. If I could help more people by serving in the Assembly, it would be worth the effort to run.


I am in favor of supporting our public schools, not starving them. We need to improve our local economies so when our kids graduate from high school or college, they can return to our rural communities to get a job with a living wage. We want them to carry-on the rural life that we love and have chosen otherwise our communities will become ghost towns. Lastly, we need to balance jobs and industry with care for an environment that is irreplaceable. I don’t have all the answers to solving each of these issues – but these are the problems we should be trying to solve. Our Representatives should not be caught up with party loyalties or raising money to get re-elected. We need people who will serve the Common Good.


I know these are bold goals, but we are at risk of losing so many of our rural values and traditions because our public schools are struggling, closing or consolidating. To remain viable, our communities also need good hospitals, along with an infrastructure for commuters and computers to improve our connectivity and remain competitive. Without them, our young people will leave the area and professionals will not be attracted to this area. I am ready to work hard for our rural interests in the Legislature. I ask for your trust to represent the PEOPLE of our 50th District, and not the special moneyed interests of a few. Let’s work together to restore a beautiful and viable Wisconsin for residents and tourists, employers and workers. It has worked in the past ~ and we can make it work again.






I am a trusting person, and I had trusted over the last 45 years that the “smartest people in the room” were in our nation and state capitols, that they were taking care of business, and working for the common good.  That was a naïve assumption.

Our national political climate has taken a toxic turn toward dead-end arguing and standoffs, as opposed to dialogue to develop solutions to move America forward.  That toxic attitude has seeped into our state capitol where the atmosphere has become combative and uncompromising, losing sight of doing what’s right for the common good.  Our state is a ship headed off-course in the wrong direction.